Friday, November 13, 2009

I can see....

I had my Lasikplus surgery yesterday.  I was pretty nervous beforehand, thankfully J was with me, he knows how to calm my nerves and adores me. My appointment was at 1:15, I was at home and in bed by 3:30. I was quite tired and was able to go right to bed, thankfully that was JUST what the doctor ordered. Where I woke up a few hours later and was almost perfect. My eyes felt fine, my vision was like I was under water, but hardly any pain, that was very nice.  I woke up this morning and felt empowering, I could see, I could drive for the first time with out the help of contacts or glasses.

J has HIS surgery on the 20th, I am honored to be on the other side of the fence for his surgery. I love being able to take care of him like he does me.