Friday, March 9, 2012

Birth Story of Alexander John

Walking around day 1, with a full on head cold

Dear Alexander,

This is your birth story. My hope is that someday you will cherish this letter and understand how deeply loved you are. Your story begins on a sunny winter Wednesday....   

Wednesday, February 22, 2012: We went to the hospital for a fourty-one weeks ultrasound. Mommy was still only dilated to one centimeter and you were being stubborn. Mary, the Midwife did a non-stress test twice. You weren't moving around much at that time so we decided to stay at the hospital. Mom got a dose of Cervadil (this helps soften her cervix) overnight and tried to rest even though we were quite excited.

Thursday, February 23, 2012: Twelve hours of anticipation and nothing happened overnight. The decision was made to start mom on Pitocin, this is a synthetic hormone that creates contractions. This is when the real work began for mom. The contractions didn't pick up for a while but eventually they became more intense. Mom’s water broke around 4:00pm and the contractions really picked up after that but died down around 8:00pm. Eventually our Midwife stopped the Pitocin and gave mom another round of Cervadil overnight. You weren't ready to be an outside baby just yet.  So mom got a shot of Morphine to help with pain and sleep.

Friday, February 24th, 2012: Pitocin was started again at 8:00am and the contractions really picked up around 11:00am. Unfortunately our Doula, Jonna was unavailable that morning so a volunteer Doula, Anna came to support us and she was amazing! During labor mom tried many different positions but nothing was working, not even the bath tub. She was still at one centimeter after all of that work. At 3:00pm she got a dose of Fentanyl to try and take the edge off the non-stop contractions. They were right on top of each other and mommy knew she still had the real work of pushing to do. Two more doses of Fentanyl didn't help. The whole time she kept her deep breathing and HypnoBirthing methods going with positive energy. Knowing that getting through the pain and fatigue would produce the best gift ever, YOU! At 5:00pm we finally decided to go with an epidural, a heavy duty pain reliever. Immediately after this, mom dilated to a three. There was so much joy that all the hard work was paying off. Rebecca, our Midwife, was like an angel sent from above. She was a spit-fire and made sure we kept the "get that baby out" vibe going. Jonna arrived at 5:45pm and set out candles and gave mom some lavender for relaxation. Mom had a head cold all week so she couldn't even smell it. At 6:45pm they put an internal monitor in to track the contractions. At that point she was dilated to five centimeters, negative one station and 100% effaced. Dilation happened slowly and at 10:45pm mom was seven centimeters.

Saturday, February 25th, 2012: At 4:45am mom was eight centimeters dilated. Two hours later mom’s cervix gave and felt the urge to push. Excitement filled the room. After one hour and fourteen minutes of pushing at 8:14am YOU WERE BORN! Jessica was the Midwife on shift but she had a student Tracy with her. Tracy helped mommy bring you into this world. She was a very big part of the birthing process and helped mom through pushing.

While I was laboring I heard dad’s words of encouragement,  "Alex is almost here, you’re doing great!". "Oh my gosh babe he is so close, you are amazing", “I see his head”, “Just one more push his head is out, I see hair”. “We have a son, Alex is here he is really here. I am so proud of you mommy".  As you were placed on my chest I was in a state of shock. YOU are my son. I am not sure how I ever got so lucky to have two men in my life that I love so much.

7.11 lbs, 19" long

After Birth: Grandma Schindeldecker was the first visitor. I was so happy to see her and introduce you to one of your Grandma’s (Grandpa was sick). We both cried as soon as she walked into the room and it was a great feeling. Grandma and Pappa Menier, Keyon too were the next to come visit. The rest of the family came throughout our stay. Everyone fell in love with you from the second they met you.

Night shifts: The first night as a family was a little scary. After everyone left and the nurses let us be dad and mom you gave us quite a scare while changing your first diaper. Complete with meconium (black poop) you had brown spit up and were choking and gasping for air. After flagging down a nurse we learned you might do this a few more times and is normal. The second night was a little better as we had a small idea of how to do this thing call being parents.

Monday, February 27th, 2012: Mommy's 30th birthday! BEST. GIFT. EVER. We started off the day attending a breast feeding class. Since Woodwinds is a healing and homeopathic based hospital mom was able to receive a complementary Acupuncture session and a healing touch massage. After a very long and stressful labor, both were very relaxing and gave mom positive energy. Today was a very emotional day for us and Mom had tears in her eyes most of the day. We were on cloud-nine. After the Healing Touch massage, Molli the lactation nurse came in for a one-on-one. While we were wrapping up the spiritual volunteer came by and asked if she could offer a blessing. We were blown away with this and jumped at the chance. So we all held our hands over you as the volunteer read the Blessing. YES mommy was again crying even daddy had tears in his eyes. It was finally time to pack up and bring you home. As we were walking out they had a grand piano in their common area and the pianist was playing the theme song to Beauty and the Beast, Tale as old as time...True as it can be...Just a little change...Both a little scared...Neither one prepared. Alexander you were loved from the second we found out we were pregnant and you will always be loved. Thank you for picking us. 

My dearest Alexander, we have waited our whole lives to meet you. In the few moments of realizing our dreams coming true you were given to us as gift from God. We were a family. From that moment we were no longer two souls walking this earth, we were a family. A perfect family.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Its the (almost) final countdown

As the weeks are getting closer to Alexander's Due Date (Mid-February) my to-do lists are getting longer. While I cross a few things off here and there I add a few on, so it's a never ending list.

I thought this looked like some fun. Mark your predictions for Alexander's appearance!

Hospital tour. On the last day of 2011 we toured Woodwinds Maternity department. J and I knew it was amazing there, but it somehow still was beyond our expectations. For J knowing what door to go to was the biggest thing he wanted to get out of the tour. For me it was seeing the rooms and just being in the area where I will get to meet my son for the first time. We saw both a land delivery room and a water-birthing room. Bummer is they only have one water room, but I am praying that I will be able to get my water birth. If you could send a little T&P my way, that would be great. :) While on the tour the guide asked if anyone (out of the 5 couples) had their Due Date within a month. Well that's kind of us!!!! (small freak out as we both looked at each other, we knew it was close but not this close.) She highly suggested for us to pre-register (check!!! ) and to get our car seat in, what?? Car seat already!? Well I suppose, in case he wants to come early and well Thursday I will be 34 weeks. So he can safely come anytime after 37 weeks, so yeah we should get the car seat in. See what I mean....add that to the list.

Hospital bag. Must be done, and soon. We have been meaning to pack this for the last week, but time and other things on our lists keep getting in the way. I have a few lists mashed together of what I want to bring, now I just have to get it all and put it in the bag and keep it by the door. I can NOT believe we are at the point of having a hospital bag by the door!!!  On the same lines of the bag, I have to finalize my birth plan....I know, I know it might change, I get that but I still need to have my wishes on paper so we are all on the same page.

Nursery. We have the dresser and crib all set up and ready to go. Santa brought us a crib mattress so we were able to get all of his bedding on and it is all ready for a sunggley baby to nap in. J and I have been SO blessed with hand-me-down clothes, I have been working on the bags for at least two months now. I finally have all of the newborn clothes sorted, cleaned and put in the dresser. I am now working on the 0-3 sizes. I sorted all of the clothes already, but I want to go over them all by sizes again. He really does have too many clothes so I am trying to figure out what he will be using and will tote up the rest.  I still need some decor items, a rug and some wall things. Oh and maybe a closet organizer thing, since its a small closet. A changing pad as well. We are doubling the dresser as a changing station.

Cloth Diapers. We have a nice stash of CD's going for us but need more of the accessories. Inserts, wipes, sprayer, some wet bags, a few more covers would be great. While we are going to CD we will be using Seventh Gen disposable diapers while he is a newborn and then moving into CD when he gets big enough for the CD sizes I have.

Food. I am planning on Brest Feeding so hopefully I can have the food part covered on my end. But there is always a chance so I still need to get a few bottles. I actually need to get bottles to freeze so J can feed Alexander and I can take a break, or pump! Speaking of pumping, I still need to clean mine, I got mine from a friend and it needs to be sanitized, or get new tubes or something. I really need to look into that.

Fun things.  Doula meeting, Maternity photo shoot and Baby showers!! The next two weekends are full of fun. I remember when I first set the dates for these events. They all seemed like forever ago and as everything else has, they have ran up on us so fast. This will be the first time J will get to meet Jonna. After going to the Hypnobirthing classes and hearing more positive reasons why Doula's ROCK he really is looking forward to meeting her and going through "the big day."  I have a few outfits in mind for the photo shoot and the showers, now just trying to figure out what to wear to what event then I'll be able to cross these to-do's of the list! 

Midwife appointments/34 weeks! I am to the point in the pregnacy that I have every other week MW appointments, in just a few weeks I will be going every week until he gets here. This was yet another, oh my goodness this is really getting close moments for me. This Thursday I will be 34 weeks along. Making next week milestone SO crazy...35/35!! 35 weeks, 35 days to go. Alexander is now comparable to a Honeydew! Weighing an average of 4.2 to 5.8 lbs and measuring 17.2 to 18.7 inches long.

I'll update you all with a picture and some fun facts on Friday!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Countdown to Alexander

On the first real snow fall of the winter season I find myself nesting. We have his furniture all set up, it is starting to look like a nursery.  I was searching Craigslist the other day and found our bedding, plus a ton of extra Mod Monkey things! It is such a good deal I couldn't pass it up, picking it up soon and cant wait.

Our Theme, Mod Monkey. 

Nursery so far (the pink totes hold Newborn/0-3 month clothes) 

Love the dresser/hutch....and look at those adorable suits! 

I also found some fun idea's for DIY (Do It Yourself) basket's on Pinterest, (follow me here). I made a few of them today.
One of my Basket's (with the yarn I am using for Alex's baby blanket ) 

J and LOVE the Holiday season and cant wait to decorate our house with lights, swag and tinsel. However, this year has been a bit busy and we know it will somehow only go faster so we mutually agreed that we are skipping 90% of the Christmas decorations this year. We agreed that we would keep it simple and only decorate the mantel.

Ugh I can not turn it...Here is our Christmas-fied Mantel 
I just "turned" 29 weeks on Thursday. I cant believe we have (give or take) 11 weeks left!! While doing Alexander's laundry today, as I was folding his teny-tiny onesies, I started to tear up a bit. I was folding laundry for MY son, not one of the many children I babysit for, but mine. I am not going to lie I had a few seconds of not believing it. Am I ready? I get that everyone thinks like this at some point but, time is ticking and things are starting to come together, so that is good.  Alex is really keeping busy in my tummy. I smile every time he moves in there, he hasn't been a huge mover but lately he really goes to town. When he moves most of the time you can visibly see it and J has been able to feel him all of the time now. 

Here is my Thanksgiving bump: 
Still wont rotate, sorry. 
I have felt great my whole pregnancy and really love being pregnant. I am quite blessed. 

Some countdowns that I am looking forward to: 

Christmas: 3 weeks away
Maternity Session: 5 weeks away
Baby shower weekend extravaganza: 6 weeks away
Alexander's estimated due date: 11 weeks away


If you want to take a look at our registries, feel free. As you saw, we are so set on clothes, so we did not register for any, since we just do not need any! :) (We have two families that have donated their hand-me-down clothes to us!)  We are also Cloth Diapering but will stock up on a few disposable diapers, 7th Gen seems to be a great disposable option. 


Until next time. Love you all!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


**I want to take a second to point out that I am not "better then anyone" or "looking down" on anyone for not having a med-free birth. Everyone is different and has their own beliefs as well as wants. Every birth is different. I know going into labor and delivery (L&D) a mom might have wanted something and got a completely different experience, I get that. But this is what I am planning on, and well, if it works out great. If not I will still have an amazing baby at the end of the day**

"I CAN do it, I AM strong, I WILL surrender"  This is the title of a blog that I just read, via blooma. The timing is so wonderful as J and I took our first Hypnobirthing (HB) class last night.  Hypnobirthing (click on the link to find more info) is the birthing method we have picked, along with water birth to Labor and Deliver Alex. Well I researched what I wanted and asked J if he felt the same way and went from there. We both agreed that we want a heathy momma and baby at the end of the day and if we can help it a med-free birth, yes I said it MED-FREE birth, that is what we want to do. I understand I haven't gone through L&D so I do not know what I am "in-store" for but I do know my body and I also know this is what I was made to do. I am going to trust my body when I most need it. 

Walking into our first class I did not know what to fully expect. I knew that my Doula, Jonna, highly recommend Dawn as our HB instructor and that I would be in wonderful hands. After I introduced myself to Dawn I knew that I did make the right choice.  

Empowering. Her first class was just that. Empowering. Reconfirming what I have been feeling my whole life, birthing is what I was made to do. My body knows what to do and when. I took in so many statements from last night I will go over a few that really stuck with me. 

#1: When someone tells someone that they are pregnant why do they feel the need to tell the pregnant lady horror stories about birth?? Especially when I tell them I plan on going med-free. Same thing goes for when I tell them I will be Cloth Diapering. 

So why is that? Personally I have had a number of women actually laugh at me and say something along the lines of "oh just wait, you'll be begging for meds" or " HA!! Yeah right, good luck with that".  I normally shake it off and just go with the flow but I wont anymore. I wont be putting up with that anymore.  If they think they can shoot me down, have zero faith in me and feel completely fine to dismiss my opinion I will nicely tell that that is not okay with me. Now I am not a person who deals with confrontation so we will see how the next confrontation goes. 

Next someone tells you that they are pregnant tell them the BEST story you can think of, or just congratulate them.  Think about it this way...if someone tells you that they are sick you don't think of the worse case story and tell them that. You say "Oh I hope you feel better!!" Or you tell them of a story that you have heard of a HAPPY ending. Remember this for next time you are in this situation. 

#2: Turn the negatives into positives/believe in yourself. 

Pretty much the same thing here. But I'll go a few steps further.  When someone says you cant, follow that up with yes I can!! When I start thinking I cant, I will turn it around and think YES I CAN. The power of positive thinking and positive reinforcement is amazing.  

I received a book and print outs last night, both have sections of affirmations. I will be taking some of my fun pens and paper and write some of my favorite ones down. Posting them around the house, in my car, in my purse...wherever I can for reminders.

A few that really stick out to me (and some new ones I found while searching): 

  • I put all fear aside as I prepare for the birth of my baby. 
  • I trust my body, and follow its lead.
  • I am prepared to meet whatever turn my birthing takes. 
  • I CAN do it, I AM strong, I WILL surrender. 
  • She believed she could, so she did. 
  • She turned her can't into cans. and her dreams into plans.   

#3: You CAN DO IT

Also close to the first two points. But this really stuck out to me so I wanted to include it at my top stick out moments. 

#4: Practice your breathing. 

I will be downloading my CD's with affirmations and Rainbow Relaxation songs onto my computer tonight and then onto my phone so I can listen to them while practicing my breathing all of the time. Especially when I wind down at night. That is the best time to practice my breath. I will also play the songs while doing my prenatal yoga at home.

Our first class was a hit. I came out of it so excited for labor & Delivery. YES I said that. I am excited for my Labor & Delivery. Some might find that funny, others might embrace it. I am just hoping I feel the same way come February!! :)    

Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 months already!

How far along?  25 weeks
Maternity clothes?  Oh for sure. I have two maternity jeans that I love. Something about being able to wear jeans makes me feel better the wearing yoga pants. 
Sleep?   For the most part I get plenty of sleep at night, wearing Breathe Rights help. I also love my body pillow!!
Symptoms:   Not really. Just aches and pains. I can tell my pelvic bones are moving and grooving, I even have a small wiggle going on. 
Best moment this week?  Since updating this blog (at 18 weeks) we found out we are having a BOY!! Mr. Alexander John. 
Food cravings:  Still loving my carbs, nothing has changed there. My appetite has gotten larger, eating more, larger meals...even more then J most meals. Leann Chins have been a crave lately, same with Brueggers bagels. ummmmm. 
Gender:  BOY!
Belly button in or out?  In, but getting closer to a flat button everyday.
Movement:  For sure! J felt Alex for the first time on October 23rd!! Tracy was also able to feel him. 
What I miss?  Being able to have a glass or two of wine. Someday's I am so hormonal I just want drink a nice glass of red wine in my bath. 
What I'm looking forward to:  My double digit countdown...(November 9th) and 3rd tri (November 16th)  
Milestones:  I hit and overcome my V-day (Viability Day: Capable of living outside the uterus) 

Gender Reveal Party!

I am not sure why it is so hard for me to find the time to blog, its not like I am a super busy person its just not top on my list. When I first started this I wanted it to be so much more then it is. I feel like I now have to back track to catch up on my life events. So here is my first of not too sure how many catch up blogs!

October 8th we had a Gender Reveal Party. Now for those of you who do not know what that is or already do and think its a crazy idea this is what it is and why we did it.

October 7th J and I had THE big U/S making sure this little on in my belly was healthy and growing at the rate it should be. If we were lucky we could get "the money shot". We told the tech that we would love to know the sex, just not while we where there. We wanted the tech to write down in a envelope with the picture, seal it and give it to us. The tech was very good at her job, telling us everything she was looking at and that is looked great for where we should be (size wise). J and I saw the little legs, feet, arms, profile shot and my favorite was looking at our baby's 4 chamber heart. Beating just how it should be. I never thought looking at a heart would move me to tears but when I was looking at MY baby in m belly I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Smiling ear to ear to J in amazement. After checking everything it was time to look at the goods. J and I did not want to look away! So we agreed not to, we are not educated in looking at ultrasounds so we figured it wouldn't wreck the surprise. We did close our eyes when she wrote on the screen/pic what we were having. As she left to print off the pictures I was so sure we were having a girl, seeing nothing that looked like boy. J was fairly sure he saw boy parts, but he followed that with, but I think it was the umbilical cord. So we were still in the dark.

We walked out of the office staring at our baby's pictures, in amazement. Quickly realizing the next time we see our baby will be when he/she is in our arms in the hospital in February. (That is if we do not need another u/s between then and now) SOOOO we then needed to get to the baker's house to drop the sealed envelope off. But we thought it would be fun to stretch out the torture a little longer by going to Outback.

J really, really, really wanted to open it. For some reason I really didn't feel the need to. 

After eating the most amazing meal we have at at Outback in a LONG time we headed to the baker's Marie's cakes. I found her through Wish Upon a Wedding (St Paul Chapter). Marie is hands down the best person I have worked with, if I would have had our wedding here and I would have known about her she would have been my cake person for SURE. .....SO we handed the envelope off and it was in her hands. She would be dying the inside of the cake pink or blue with corresponding icing color. J and I actually were able to get to bed fairly easy knowing the sex of our baby was known, but not by us! 

October 8th. J and I headed over to my parents house to start decorations. Marie showed up with the cake and that was the first time I wanted to dig into it, but somehow managed not to. My equally favorite vendor showed up, Kristen Elizabeth Photography to start shooting the detail shots before guests arrive. She is also taking my maternity, newborn, 6 month and 1 year shots...pretty excited to have our photographer all set. 

THE cake!!!

When people started showing up was when I was So glad we decided to do this. Everyone came in either Pink or Blue (depending on what they hoped/wished out baby would be) and had huge smiles on their faces. Everyone thanked us for letting them be a part of such a special and quine event in our life. J and I are so blessed for our family and friends, we were blown away by everyone coming to find out with us. 

Team Pink!!
Team Blue!!
Our closet family and friends! 
Everyone also wrote their names on either the Blue side or Pink side

It was then the moment we have been waiting for. Time to cut the cake and revel who our little baby will be, Madison or Alexander.

It's BLUE, that means we're having Alexander John!!!
I really did have a gut feeling girl, so I was shocked.

SO we are having Mr. Alexander John, who should be arriving sometime this February. 

Some wonderful group shots I don't not want to leave out. 

Grandpa and Grandma Schindeldecker!!!
GREAT Grandma and Grandpa Schindeldecker
Grandpa and Grandma Menier
The Cha-Cha's!! (my mom and most of her sisters and my sister.  I got SO lucky with this group of ladies) 

To check out the rest of the pictures here is a link to my shutterfly account:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

18 weeks already?!

(taking my 18 week photo tomorrow) 

Wow its crazy how fast this is going. The sad part is once this Little One will get here it will go even faster, not sure how that is possible, but I know s/he will be in school before we know it. :( 

How far along?  18 weeks
Maternity clothes?  Yup! I was able to barrow a ton of fun tops and jeans from a friend of mine, and boy I'm in heaven! I have been living in my "new" jeans and sporting cute and fun tops. I love the tighter fitting ones, showing off this bump that is growing like a weed. 
Sleep?   Sleep. Well yes and no. Joint/side/lower back aches have started to creep in at night. It was quite painful the first night, but thankfully I was able to see my Chiropractor. I got an adjustment and a massage and boy did they help! I have also been doing twice daily stretches, they have also helped!  
Symptoms:   Not really, still a little sassy, no real symptoms thankfully. 
Best moment this week?  Scheduling our big U/S! We can not wait to find out who this little person is!  
Food cravings:  I can eat pizza everyday. Pickles have been my top lately. 
Gender:  not sure yet, Big U/S scheduled for Oct 7th, then Gender reveal party October 8th. 
Belly button in or out?  In
Movement:  Not sure yet. I think I feel little M, but I'm not too sure yet.  
What I miss?  Not being so tired randomly. I also hate the hunger that comes out of nowhere, that's not fun either. 
What I'm looking forward to:  getting a bigger bump :) 
Milestones:  2 weeks till half baked!