Saturday, September 17, 2011

18 weeks already?!

(taking my 18 week photo tomorrow) 

Wow its crazy how fast this is going. The sad part is once this Little One will get here it will go even faster, not sure how that is possible, but I know s/he will be in school before we know it. :( 

How far along?  18 weeks
Maternity clothes?  Yup! I was able to barrow a ton of fun tops and jeans from a friend of mine, and boy I'm in heaven! I have been living in my "new" jeans and sporting cute and fun tops. I love the tighter fitting ones, showing off this bump that is growing like a weed. 
Sleep?   Sleep. Well yes and no. Joint/side/lower back aches have started to creep in at night. It was quite painful the first night, but thankfully I was able to see my Chiropractor. I got an adjustment and a massage and boy did they help! I have also been doing twice daily stretches, they have also helped!  
Symptoms:   Not really, still a little sassy, no real symptoms thankfully. 
Best moment this week?  Scheduling our big U/S! We can not wait to find out who this little person is!  
Food cravings:  I can eat pizza everyday. Pickles have been my top lately. 
Gender:  not sure yet, Big U/S scheduled for Oct 7th, then Gender reveal party October 8th. 
Belly button in or out?  In
Movement:  Not sure yet. I think I feel little M, but I'm not too sure yet.  
What I miss?  Not being so tired randomly. I also hate the hunger that comes out of nowhere, that's not fun either. 
What I'm looking forward to:  getting a bigger bump :) 
Milestones:  2 weeks till half baked! 

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