Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crash boom bang

This weekend started off great (MW app on Friday). This afternoon we were on our way to a friends BBQ and BANG the weekend started to suck. I was in a construction zone, so the 4 lanes were down to two and everyone just wanted to get to their final destination. Our light turned green, as I was just getting through the intersection the cars ahead of me slammed on their breaks (there was another light a half a block up, and it turned red) and no one gave the "two car length" in front of the car ahead of you, including me. The car in front of me hit the car in front of him, and I hit him; resulting in me rear ending him. Since we were going so slow no one in either vehicle were hurt but my poor car got the brunt of the damage. :(  The first car and second car (me being the third) had zero damage between the two. I wish I would have seen the slow down before it happened, but I didn't. I am just so glad everyone was not hurt, including my little Peep. Being 13 weeks Peep is still very protected and our slow speed helped as well. It just so scary how in a blink of an eye things could have been SO MUCH different. I am thankful today we had our Angels looking out for us. 


His damage

:(  My poor car

On a side note, it is CRAZY how many people yelled, screamed and swore at us. They said very offending things to and towards us. People, I get that you had to wait a little longer to get through the intersection. But don't you think we would move our cars if we could!? (My car was latched onto his, we moved after we made sure everyone was fine and our hands stopped shaking. He actually had to move forward to un-hook us)  As people yelled at us I either yelled back "we would if we could" or "God Bless you too."  So next time you have to wait a few minutes for a car crash understand THEY didn't want to get into said crash and hope no one got hurt. Remember we are all people and have low times. Thankfully no one got hurt in this crash. I wish I could say the same about the Truck driver earlier this week in Lowry Tunnel. Story

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