Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am a Menier!

J and I got married on a picture perfect day surrounded by 50 of our closest family and friends in the city of lights, Las Vegas! The day went as fast as I knew it would, as some of you know I have the worst memory, but I put every single moment of that day in my mind and I will never forget any of it!

I wasnt as emotional as I thought I would be on my wedding day. It hit me the day after, looking at a video slideshow of our ceremony pictures brought me to tears. I am Married! I have envisioned this day since I was little and now I can move onto another lifelong dream....Kids! :) 

It's not everyday that you end up loving everyones expression in a group this big! :) 

We had all kind of SASS

I just adore this picture of us

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