Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 3: Mazatlan/Excursion: all inclusive resort (El Cid) (food, drinks, pools and the ocean!)

Day three: Since I have been to Mazatlan before I had a good idea of what I wanted to do at this port. Relax! J and I got day passes to El Cid all inclusive resort. For $35 a person, it was all we could eat, all we could drink, we could use their pools and beach front. Brilliant idea on my part, we drank our weight in pina colda's and ate hamburgers and shrimp. We even ran into some new friends from the ship, who happen to be from MN too.  We also ran into another couple who we befriended at the pool, so it was fun to hang out with some friends on the beach. The waves were so fun, with the wind it was a bit chilly, but once you got used to the water it was SO MUCH FUN. we played with the waves for about a hour, even getting spun around a few times, as well as almost losing my bikini bottoms! Good times for sure.  

We had a nice walk up and back on the beach, we were dreaming of one day living on the beach.

J (heart) J

I LOVE this picture of J
a fun video of us on the beach.. you can tell how windy it was, it was still so perfect we didn't care! 

After swimming in the ocean, we wound up in the pool at El Cid, with the wind it got a bit chilly, but the pool was so warm, with the swim up bar we didnt want to leave, we even thought about staying but really did not want to miss the ship!

Mazatlan was a very fun and romantic port, this was really were we realized we were on our honeymoon. :)  

Some pictures that night, as the boat was leaving port. 

After dinner we walked the ship a little bit, here are some pictures we took

This is a picture of the "main drag" of the ship. It has some duty free shops, bars/pubs and a food cafe here

Night time shot of the pool, this night was Caribbean night, so the pools were lively.

And the towel of the day, a sting ray!


  1. You guys are soooo cute!

    And isn't it funny that you see people from your cruise and then keep seeing them over again? We have a couple that we saw over and over and eventually just started hanging out on purpose! And now, when we're in Miami, we visit them!

    PS - that reversible dress you were wearing at the beach... I bought one too! ;)

  2. YES!!! we totally saw people over and over again. On a ship that big, and then a city even bigger, randomly run into them, too weird.

    I LOVE that dress! I even wore it to my bridal shower.