Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 4: Puerto Vallarta/Excursion: Zip-lining (13 lines) and a two hour ATV tour

Day 4: hands dawn MOST.FAVORITE.PORT.EVER. J and I were really looking forward to this port. Why you wonder? Because we went zip-lining and ATV riding.  The tricky thing about the cruise that we did not know were time zones. At every port the ship's clocks were turned to that port, that we were in that day, so we did not think about thing of it. However when we got into Puerto Vallarta and told the taxi driver where we had to go and what time our excursion was he informed us that they were on the Time-zone line, and where our excursion was it was a hour AHEAD of us! By the time we go to the office we were about a half hour late for Zip-Lining, and the only way to get to the canopy tour on time was to take a taxi and meet everyone there.  Well after a 45 minute drive up and down the cliffs of PV, with J and I both thinking this was it and we were going to die, we made it to the location! It was perfect timing, we drove up just as the rest of the group were starting to sit up into their gear.

We found  to be the hands down coolest vendor down in PV!!  Next time you go down to Puerto Vallarta GO THERE you wont regret it!
Here are just some of the pictures of the best experience of our lives.

this is what keep us attached to the line

You actually have to "hop" up to latch one....or get a little "captain in ya"

A little scary when you dont even know where your going to end up. It really was gorgeous there!
Very lunch and tropical

Here's a close up of Jamie

And here's a close up of J

Yup I went upside down on one line!!

the last zip-line, was a double line, so we were able to go side by side, I got some great shots.

breathtaking huh!?

After Zip-lining we had a ATV tour, and it was FUN....we went around the country side, through a few rivers, and stopped by a Tequila tasting, some real actually very yummy.

I repeat....go here!!

After a hands down amazing day we made it back to the boat, went to grab some dinner.

After dinner on Day 2 (Cabo) we attended a Honeymooners Meet and Greet, it was really fun to meet other couple's, about 15 other couple's were there.  Free wine and Champagne were flowing and that was a plus!  There was a raffle at the end of the night and J and I won the grand prize! A free couples massage...we decided to take advantage of the massage after all of the activity we did today, and it sure was perfect.

AND today's towel, a Rabbit! 

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