Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Psychic Reading.

Why not right? If you know me you know I am a open book and cant really hide things. You also know while I was planning our wedding I was on theknot.com, moved over to thenest.com and now I am on thebump.com...I tend to get pretty attached to the ladies who post stories about their life and what they are going though. They are someone to vent to, someone to relate to and someone to be excited for. 

A few weeks ago while on The Bump everyone was talking about Cheri22.com, and that she is a baby predictor! While I had some reservations of paying $10 to someone on the internet I was also tempted. I went to her website, read up on her and what she had to offer, filled out a few things, went to my paypal account and clicked send. About a week later I got an email telling me when we will get pregnant/conceive/or find out and who our daughter will be. Below is the email. I also commented after a few of the readings thoughts. Enjoy what you read... and remember, just like I am, take it with a grain of salt! 

Here is the reading:  
I am seeing you guys with a little girl and they relate her to DECEMBER so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in. {so it could be this month, or next... or March of this year... or next year, really it could be whenever}

I am seeing her as someone who is always going to be so full of joy and fun. I think that you will find her to always have high hopes for those around her and just really cares. Shes always hands on, giving you a hug to show her appreciation. {kind of sounds like a amazing blend of J and me!}

She LOVES dolls and is usually the one thing that you can count on her to play with. I am seeing her having darker colored hair and LOVES to wear it up in pig tails. {okay so I can picture her now.} Right around shoulder length and very straight. She loves wearing dress up clothes and wearing costume jewelery. {again, if you really know me, this WAS me when I was growing up!! I would change clothes multiple times a day.}  I think that you will find her to pretty much entertain herself most times. Shes someone who finds the dolls she wants to play with and will often come into the room that your in, and just start to play. You will see how adorable she is, always taking clothes that you no longer want but are dressy and having you tie a rope around the waist so she can have a dress. I think that you will find her to really enjoy this type of dress up clothes rather than the store bought dress up clothes. I think that its because its from you and your husband (she plays with some of his shirts) and relates to something you would actually wear to dress up. She loves wearing long sleeved gloves, wearing hats with feathers, and inviting you over to her "house" for a tea party. {adorable right!?}

There is a little doll that appears to be a collectors type piece that really reminds me of alice in wonderland. Its face appears to be porcelain and does have a bit of wear on it. This is her most favorite doll and the one that she will often drag around with her everywhere. I believe that someone got this for her second hand which is why its not something that you make her put away:) 
{This reminds me of Sue, my amazing Mother-in-Love, she always scores great deals at second hand stores. So this kind of hits home}

When it comes to your daughter, shes someone who is always going to be respectful. When she has something on her mind that she wants to say that might be unpleasant to hear, will often warn that person that she has something to say and that they might not enjoy hearing it.
 {hehe, TOTALLY ME.} 

When it comes to career paths, they show her working as an insurance agent. {What? this is quite random!}

When it comes to marriage I am seeing her closer to 22. They will have one girl and one boy of their own. {A little young to be getting married, but if she is in love, then great} 

End of reading......

So that was a fun maybe, look into what lies ahead of us. Lets hope some of it comes true. We are always thankful for Thoughts and Prayers sent our way for a little bundle of joy to grace us with his/her presence....and hopefully next year!! 

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