Monday, November 29, 2010

I am SO Thankful!!!

I am SO Thankful this Thanksgiving season. This was my first Thanksgiving as a Menier.....and if you know me I said this about everything before I was married, of course it was "this is my a Schindeldecker...." This year we started over at the Cregan's side for Thanksgiving and ended at the McFaggen's. As always we enjoyed our family and how close we all are. I made asparagus wrapped with provolone and prosciutto and topped it off with some Balsamic vinegar and Olive oil....oh boy it was a hit! I will be making that for Christmas that's for sure. 

Mine looked WAY better then these, but this will give you an idea! 

Every year at the Menier's we do a prayer circle before we eat. Everyone forms a circle hand-in-hand and one by one says what they are thankful for that season. It really ends up to be an emotional time and some that I treasure. All of the kids end up listing off almost everything under the sun, thankful for their cousins the most. With the adults being thankful for health, family and friends. J's sister also got married this year so we were both thankful for becoming wives and husbands. Katie and Tee just gave birth to their second boy {see Welcome to the world Mr. Cashton Broussard} just 6 weeks ago, so they defiantly had a ton to be thankful for! But what happened next I will always cherish!!!  They then turned to me and stated that they would be honored for me to be Cashton's Godmother!!! yeah I cried. ;)

What a little chunker! He's looking right at his Godmother!

July of this year I also came across a part of my past that I have been searching for, well for a long time. Thanks to an amazing detective friend, I was re-connected to my long lost family. I am not quite ready to tell the full story, but I wanted to include my love for the Hunters/Carlson's in this Thanksgiving post. 

This was at an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner with most of the Hunter's

So THIS Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for! My amazing, thoughtful, kind-hearted Husband. My ever loving family, including my newly expanded family {both sides, Menier's and Hunters!} my always-there-for me friends and my Godson Cashton! 

LYLY!!! {Like You, Love You}

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