Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 6/7: Cruising and last day

This was our last official day on the ship, we took full advantage of it!

We took in the view from our private deck and....drank Champagne! 

 This was a free bottle of wine that we won at a meet and greet on the ship, cant get any better then free Champagne on your honeymoon! 


After drinking the bottle and reading my book, J was taking in the view, we went to the main deck and checked out the pool. Today was the first day that the waves were large enough to make us almost seasick, throw in a bottle of Champagne, and we were good to go! 

With the boat a rocking and our added drinks this hallway seemed to go on forever

The pools became wave pools!! 

Here is a small video of the "wave" pool! 

Eating at Johnny Rockets, fried foods are the best when you are drinking. 

We had the two best waiters ever, they were SO much fun!! 

during the parade of waiters...

On our last day we didnt do much other then get up, eat breakfast and head out the door. 
We had such a fun honeymoon

but sad to be going home so soon. 

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