Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 month anniversary date

Wow I cant believe I have been a Bride for 6 months! (okay so our date was actually in September, we are now celebrating our 8 month anniversary tomorrow!!)  time sure does fly by. J and I have always celebrated our monthly anniversary's so we knew we had to do something for the 6 month wedding ann! I told him I would plan this date and surprise him. All he knew was that he needed to be ready with a bag packed for a one night stay, other then that he did not know anything else about it.

We left our home about 2:00 and headed West on 494. He thought we were going to our cabin, so he knew he was wrong when I went west. He then started guessing everything we could be going towards. Mall of America, the water park, something in Edina. I finally turned of the highway and into the Hilton hotel's parking lot. So he knew we were staying at the hotel. We checked in and went up the elevators and got off on the executive level. The room was standard, but what counted was WHO was in the room!

We unpacked and relaxed a bit before going down to the bar for some drinks and appetizers. At this point I was looking outside and checking my phone a lot so J was asking questions about everything. I had him thinking I was waiting on a car to come pick us up. About a hour later I told him that I forgot something in the room and to come up with me and we'll come back down for our next adventure. When I opened the door J realized his next surprise was IN the room! I had found this great company:  I hired two massage therapist to come to our hotel room and give us a couples massage! I tipped the masseuses a little more and they had candles lite and soft music playing. It was SO perfect!  It was such a relaxing experience. Since we have been in the middle of remodeling the house we needed to get pampered.

After our massages, we had dinner at the hotels' restaurant, Chop house. Thankfully I had a Groupon coupon for it, however even after the discount it was still probably wont be going back there, but it was fun and memorable.

 The food was really very yummy and it the portions were HUGE, (but not quite worth the money)

Our anniversary cheesecake, OMGoodness so good! 

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  1. I actually just made reservations for Steve and I to stay at the same hotel this Saturday for our 2 year anniversary. Did you like it there? Did you have their breakfast buffet? He has no clue that anything is planned so please do not mention on fb. Thanks!