Friday, March 18, 2011

Home Project #2

Turning our house into a HOME Project #2: the Living room/Dinning room!! When picking out wall/trim colors J was all over it. He has an eye for things that like that, I do not! My first apartment was painted the lovely shade of purple, why? because I liked the color, not because it went with the decor, the carpet or the mood I was trying to achieve. I firmly believe some colors should not be available in wall paint. So J is now our labor man and interior designer. I am one lucky gal!!

After about a week of looking at every.single.paint swatch out there we picked our colors!First, we have to take all of the base boards off. Scrap all off 20+ years of paint, cat/dog urine and Lord knows what else off of the base boards and then varnish them the beautiful wood color we picked out. Then we painted, and by we I mean J did the majority of the work. I tried to help him out, but I just wasn't doing it right... something about brush strokes and going with the grain blah blah.

This was a process!

We got SO excited about painting the very next thing we did was put a call into the sandless-hardwood floor guys to come and give our floors a much needed DEEP clean. 



Dinning room
well worth all of the work we put in!! 
(do you like J's sweet CD rack he made? I do too but thankfully its in his office now) 
We also put in the light fixture over the dinning room table, we wanted the "old world feel"

Living room

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