Monday, March 21, 2011

Creative Memories

As most of you know I am a Creative Memories consultant. I signed in October 2010, and took a few months off over the Holiday's....Well IM BACK!!! 

I went to an all-day Crop/Corporate event on Saturday and it certainly renewed my spirit about Creative Memories and why I am a consultant. I was able to work on my wedding book and completed just over 20 pages, the end is in sight!! I am about half way though and will be done by next week. 

On Saturday I learned that Creative Memories will be donating portions of PSP’s  (Photo Solution Parties) to the Red Cross and the Japan relief efforts. I want to host 4 parties before March 31, if I get reach that goal, I will MATCH what corporate is donating to the Red Cross.  

So here is where you can come in. Can you host a party before March 31?? I KNOW you can! The best part about our newly updated PSP’s is that it is for everyone! Do you know people who take pictures? I am sure you do, invite them! I am trying to get in touch with as many people so I can help them share their stories, let’s get those pictures printed so they can tell the stories!!  

If you do not want to host at your house we can have it at a local coffee shop!   

So when should we book your party? Let’s get it on the books so we can donate money as well complete stories.

Here is a super cute Thank you card that we (Lily and myself) created with our software, Storybook Creator, for Lily's birthday party. She is a completely sweet little lady I babysit, and lucky enough to share birth-dates with! We cut a slit on the top and bottom of her hand and placed a flower there. To give the effect of her holding it, the party goers and Lily LOVED it!! 

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