Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home Project #3

Turning our house into a HOME 
Project #3: The Bathroom! 

Living in a home with one bathroom has its cons and only one pro that I can think of, only have to clean one bathroom! This bathroom was pretty much all original to the house. The sink had to go, the mirror had to be replaced, the light fixtures had to go, fresh paint...it really needed more then a face lift.

Our first task was the sink. It was too big for the room and it had separate cold/hot facets and well it was just nasty. 


Uncle Mike and J taking the stink down

Its gone!!! 

Thankfully Mike was there to help us with the pluming, 
two things you do not mess around with when remodeling, pluming and electricity. 

 new sink looks so much better

We went back and forth about the floor. I LOVED the floor, J on the other hand thought it did not go with the house feel. I am not sure how I won that argument but I did, and with winning I was the one to deep clean the tiles. After the deep clean it was so much better.  

We got a new shower curtain, replaced the light fixtures and will be replacing the blinds when we find the right ones. 

Final product!! 

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