Monday, April 25, 2011

Home Project #4 (part 2)

Turning our house into a HOME 
Project #4: The Kitchen! (con'd)

Step 3: Framing
I never realized what it took to frame in that hole they just made. You cant just throw up some wood and go. You have to level everything out, down to the centimeter. 

It looks so nice with the framing up

And even better with varnish!

J admiring his work

Painting the temporary nook counter top. One day we want to get a thicker one. 

Step 4: Paint and new cabinets! 

After J varnished them. You can also see the paint. Same colors from the living/dinning room

Step 5: Granite Counter Tops!!!

New Fridge, new cabinets and mounted microwave. 
(You know you are an adult when you are excited about appliances!) 

Look the water/ice works :) 

We are DONE!!!!

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