Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a first for everything.

Everyone has a blog, so I guess I should start one.
but will people follow me?
will I be interesting enough to follow?
will I update it enough?
whatever shall I write about?

Well about me.
I am a 20-something engaged lady living in Saint Paul, but if you follow me I am sure you will already know this. So something you dont know. hummmm, well that is the hard part, I am a open book I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and well that can never be a good thing.
I am engaged to an amazing man, with an equaling amazing family. I heart all of them. I met J back in 2002, I was a Roseville Princess then, and well I am still a royal pain in the ass. We broke up but fast forward 5 years and we are back and ready to hit the road of life together.

J and I are getting married in 135 days, but really who is counting!? I can not wait for the planning to be over, for us to be on our honeymoon, but really I cant wait to be married to the man of my dreams. We are planning on starting a family fairly soon after we get married, at least we'll try sometime in the later half of 2010. So in between planning the wedding I am also planning the family part of it.

I am trying to start the "wife" duties now, practice makes perfect right? I am planning meals for dinners and lunches. J is busy doing "man" things like remodeling our house.

We finally have a living and dinner room. We painted the walls, re-did all of the base boards as well as sanded the floors. We have also put carpet up in our master bedroom and painted one of the downstairs bedrooms. We still have to paint the other bedroom, re-do both the kitchen and bathroom....and work on the outside of the house. (and THAT is why we are registering at Home Depot, among a few other places for the wedding!!)

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