Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am finally feeling better. This weekend was a nice relaxing weekend full of babysitting and a baby shower. I babysat almost all Saturday for two families, and I normally get my kid fix after I leave, but this time was different. this time I had a yearning to stay and hold the kids. I have a feeling J and I will start a family as soon as we can.  I hate the fact that we have to look at our budget and make sure we can afford it, but I have a good feeling we will make it through any and everything.

I had a Lasik screening today, and I was successfully passed onto the surgery. I made my appointment November 13th, and as I was telling J the date I realized something. I am getting my eyes done on Friday the 13th!!!!!!! now, should I change it? or just go on being excited and know nothing bad will happen. :) I think I will just keep going on and be happy that technology has brought us this far. I was downright fascinated when I saw the unbelievable-detailed photos of my eyes. I even asked the doctor if he could email them to me, I hope he remembers. I'll post them if he does.

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